In 2009 Blackedge Brewery was founded born of Shaun and Wayne’s passion for good beer. The name is a combination of our respective home villages at the time, Blackrod and Edgworth. 11 years on we have become a well-known award-winning microbrewery at the heart of the small independent brewing community in the North West. We are SIBA FSQ accredited and members of the SIBA Independent Assured Brewer programme which ensures the beers we make are of the highest quality. We take pride in the quality beers we provide.


Our dedication to excellence in brewing shines through in the Award-Winning beers we produce. Using only the finest natural ingredients, we use an expert blend of crushed malts, hops and yeasts to suit a variety of beer styles from light to dark, malty to hoppy and session to strong. The brewing methods we use are traditional so the products are truly crafted by hand. 


Inspired not only by the history of British beer making, we have also been influenced by our visits to the US Pacific West Coast where we have consumed many different beers in lots of superb craft breweries across Portland & Seattle. We like to think we have found a good balance between traditional British beer and American craft. Ultimately, we produce beers that we like to drink; well balanced and packed full of hoppy flavour and produced without compromise.